Lowering Your Risk for Heart Disease

There are many tips that can help you lower your risk of heart disease. Here are a few of the more important ones:

  • Exercise daily and stop smoking.
  • Stand when you can instead of sitting. Try to move around every hour if you have to sit all day.
  • Keep your blood sugars under control.
  • Keep your blood pressure under control.
  • Stay warm during cold, windy winter weather by covering your neck and head.
  • Eat beans (black, navy, garbanzos, red, or white – green beans do not count) four times a week.  This, according to the National Health and Examination Survey, has been shown to lower heart disease by 22%.
  • Multiple research studies suggest that steel cut oatmeal can lower LDL (“bad”) cholesterol due to the oatmeal’s high soluble fiber content. Include other foods with high fiber content like fruits and vegetables in your regular diet.
  • Use monounsaturated fats including olive oil.
  • Eat fatty fish (including salmon) 2-3 times a week (or take a fish oil supplement).
  •  Sleep 7-8 hour per night
  • Finally, stay mentally positive. An analysis of over 200 studies by Harvard University concluded, “The more optimistic you are the less likely you are to have a heart attack.”  The “glass is half full” should become your mantra until it becomes second nature. Consider meditation, deep breathing, therapy, volunteering, socializing, getting a pet, prayer or anything that will improve your outlook.

There are instances where stress, anxiety and depression can be the primary cause of, or induce, a heart attack.

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