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Exercise and Electrolytes

When you exercise heavily, you lose water and salt in your sweat. One good source is Emergen-C®.  Emergen-C has an advantage over water because it is packed with the potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium and sugar to provide electrolyte replenishment and energy during workouts

Athletes can stave off fatigue longer if they fortify their water with Emergen-C.   They also run faster, have better motor skills, and are mentally sharper.  The electrolytes in Emergen-C help athletes stay hydrated by holding onto fluids instead of losing them.Emergen-C copy

Though Emergen-C does contain sugar, the amount of sugar in the sport drink is relatively small compared to the amount of sugar someone burns in exercise. For those of you concerned with the sugar content, keep in mind that sugar aides in the transport of electrolytes into your tissues. The carbohydrates, sodium, and potassium help move fluid more quickly into the muscles, where it needs to be during exercise. For people engaging in exercise in a hot environment, an electrolyte replacement, such as Emergen-C can be a lifesaver. It provides the body with fuel in the right quantities, so you also don’t get an upset stomach.

For those individuals with Diabetes, keep in mind that electrolytes can also be supplemented through tablets. I recommend Endurolytes electrolyte replenishment tabs, as they offer the same benefits as Emergen-C, without the sugar!  You can purchase Endurolytes through me.