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How Much Protein to Take to Build Muscle

Here’s an easy formula to help you determine how much protein to take to build muscle. There was a very basic way that bodybuilders / power-lifters used to use to determine how much protein their bodies required, but it was not very accurate and could be dangerous if they took extremely high levels of protein.

The old formula was to simply multiply your body-weight (in pounds) by 2. They said this was the number of grams of protein you’d require.

The accurate way to determine protein requirements is to use this formula:

1.     Multiply your total body weight by your percent of body fat.

2.     Subtract the number of pounds of body fat from total body weight.

3.     This number is your total Lean Body Mass (LBM)

4.     Multiply LBM by 1.5 for men or 1.0 for women

5.     This is the exact protein requirement of your body for your total LBM.

Example: For a 240 pound bodybuilder, currently at approximately 15% body fat:

1.     240 pounds (x) 15% (=) 36 pounds of body fat.

2.     240 pounds (-) 36 pounds (=) 204

3.     LBM (=) 204 pounds

4.     204 (x) 1.5 (=) 306 for a male or 204 (x) 1.0 (=) 204 for a female.

5.     Daily Protein Requirement (=) 306 grams (male) or 204 (female).

Now in contrast, if you had used the old method and multiplied your body-weight (x) 2, here’s what it would have looked like:

240 pounds (x) 2 (=) 480 grams of protein per day. As you can see, that is way too much protein that can cause side effects like kidney problems.

It is typically very difficult to get enough protein since our diets are typically carbohydrate-based, but natural protein sources like chicken, fish, meat, beans etc., can be a good base.

Seasonal Stress and Stubborn Weight Gain

With this busy life for us all, I am working hard to address clients’ main concerns about low energy levels, the challenging and stubborn weight we seem to continually battle as we age, and the unavoidable stress of a holiday season in general.  Taking into account our lifestyles of increased caffeine and sugar intake, we must be proactive to address the susceptibility to a compromised immune system and overall weakness.

Many experts believe that weak adrenal glands are one of the most prevalent and undiagnosed conditions, causing much of the commonly experienced repercussions from fatigue and uncompromising weight gain, particularly as we age.

The adrenals are responsible for energy levels, healthy hormone balance, stress adaptation, and immune system strength.  Much of chronic illness is due to an overstressing of the adrenal glands.

Therefore, I am recommending an initial as well as a long term support of the adrenals glands to help get us back up to ‘par’, and feeling good!

The following two recommended formulas work through botanical and nutritional support to enhance adrenal cortical and medullary function, adrenal rejuvenation, increased hypothalamic receptor function, and address depletions common to those suffering from the effects of chronic stress and the related side effects, specifically, weight gain.  Dr. Family Fitness would determine which version would be most effective specifically for your body after consultation.

Two products that support adrenal function are: ADRENAL COMPLEX and ADRENOTONE PLUS.

Benefits of the products include:

  • Help support daily energy levels
  • Help Chronic Fatigue & Addison’s Disease
  • Increase endurance and stamina in Athletes
  • Support the adrenal glands during times of stress
  • Promote hormone balance and overall wellness

Please note that if one needs to address extreme adrenal exhaustion or severe fatigue, and one’sDHEA hormone levels are considered weak, DHEA can safely be added, to further together combat more exhausting fatigue, and imbalances.

Adrenal Support formulas do not contain: wheat, yeast, soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, corn, artificial colors, flavors, sugars, or preservatives.