Fastin vs. Lonamin

Several companies produce brand names of the generic drug Phentermine. Lonamin is one brand name of the drug, though the company Hi-Tech has produces a similar product, Fastin.  Both Fastin and Lonamin slowly release their ingredients into the body unlike most weight loss pills, which disseminate the drug all at once.

Though Fastin may be a bit more expensive, it is easier to obtain than Lonamin, which requires a doctor’s prescription.  Both products essentially have the same effects, but getting Fastin does not require you to go to a physician nor does it need pre-authorization from any prescription department.  Fastin can easily be obtained from Dr. Family.

It is important to note that Fastin, unlike Lonamin, has a diuretic effect.  Therefore, one must stay well hydrated when using Fastin.

Like most weight loss supplements, Fastin, (as well as Lonamin,) can cause shortness of breath, an irregular heartbeat and nervous system side effects. It also decreases appetite, leading to more efficient weight loss.

It is critical that you inform your physician or me if you are taking any prescribed medications, as some medications do not mix well with taking Fastin, Lonamin, or most other weight-loss pills.

Because Fastin will give you an increased energy level, it will be tempting to use Fastin over long periods of time.  To decrease negative side effects, such as building a tolerance, use Fastin for the short-term cycles only, and only as directed by Dr. Family.

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