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Carbohydrates are no more fattening than any other food.  In fact, ounce for ounce, they provide half the calories of fat.  But any food can be “fattening” if you eat too much.

Carbohydrates are an excellent source of energy and provide valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber.  Keep in mind there are three types of carbohydrates —simple, medium and complex.

Simple Carbohydrates or “sugars” are found in some fruits such as grapes and various melons. All types of candy are made of simple carbohydrates, as well as some cereals.  Some simple carbohydrates, including candies and pastries are refined.  Most of the nutritional value is lost but calories are retained when a carbohydrate is refined. Refined sugars should be limited due to their low nutritional value and high calories.

Medium Carbohydrates are not talked about very often. Carbohydrates included in this group are fruits and vegetables such as green apples, pears, tomatoes and most of the green vegetables.  I suggest that these are the carbohydrates that should be eaten most often especially by women.  They have a high nutritional value and are low in calories.

Complex Carbohydrates, or starches, are found in a wide variety of foods and for that reason are usually the major sources of carbohydrates in your health plan.  Complex carbohydrates include foods such as pasta, beans, bread, bananas, and some vegetables.  However, I feel that complex carbohydrates should be limited in your health plan, as it takes your body too long to burn the calories, unless you are involved in an exercise program. I suggest that women, especially, limit their intake of complex carbohydrates due to the enzymes in their bodies.

“Eating Clean”

Modifying what you consume will make a huge difference in how you feel and how your body will feel and metabolize food. The following examples are what “eating clean” is all about:

  • Instead of white rice and pasta have brown rice and whole wheat pasta.
  • Instead of white potatoes have sweet potatoes.
  • Instead of fried foods have baked or steamed foods.
  • Eat at least one salad a day with two tablespoons or less of any dressing.
  • Instead of peanuts have almonds.
  • Instead of peanut butter have almond butter.
  • Instead of white bread have grainy bread. Anything multi-grain is great!
  • Have chicken, fish, egg whites, or turkey.
  • When you plan of having Chinese food, have steamed this or that with brown rice. Moo Shu Chicken is a great Chinese meal!!!
  • As far as fruits, have strawberries, blueberries, grapefruits, or apples. As for bananas, you can have 1 a day.
  • If you consume protein powders as a meal, keep in mind most are full of preservatives and are loaded with sodium. The shakes should be taken in moderation — 3x a week, MAX!  Shakes are poor “meal replacements” as your body won’t metabolize a drink as it does food. Food makes your body work to digest it — thus, increases your metabolism.
  • Instead of sodas, have club soda, or flavored club soda.
  • Instead of 3 big meals, eat every 3-4 hours– if you eat a meal and it doesn’t hold you 4 hours, you need to up the calories.
  • Drink at least 8 glasses (8 oz) a day — green tea, oolong tea are great teas – With the warm weather approaching you can make them and have them cold – for a sweetener I would use Xylitol, Stevia or Equal.

And finally, the last meal of your day should be protein – Prostat™ is great to have, as it is predigested!